I moved to a different journal...
I'm not going to delete this one, because I have a lot of memories on it, but please take it off your friends list, because I won't be updating it.

If you want to know where I moved.. well, you'll just have to look around if you don't already know. :D
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Ook, I'm a little worried again. I got an 87 on the World History test we took Monday, which is good because I forgot to take my notes, and I told my mom and she's like "Oh..." like that wasn't good for studying for less than an hour. And we got our Spanish tests back and I didn't do good on it. AT ALL. I had ZERO time to study for it because the play was the night before. So that can't be good.

(Sorry if I'm ranting about my mom again). Tomorrow is the last day of the grading period for the third quarter. That is -NOT- good. AT ALL. Most of the teachers said that students do their worst in the third quarter. And then I had the play, which sucked up a ton of my time. I just hope my mom will understand. She always says she doesn't mind if I try my hardest (which I do) and she didn't get the best grades in High School either. So I don't understand why she gets mad at me! I'm not THAT smart. I wish she could just accept me the way I am!

Anyways, I think I'm addicted to DayQuil XD That stuff rocks! It makes your head feel really funny and you don't know where you are.. and you get really tired :3 I like it.

I need a layout for my Blurty. The one I have scares me XD

I also need to make new icons, mine bug me XP
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Ok, I've been looking at my user info and it's sad. I have 18 friends, but 47 people have added me. And most of those people don't even use their LJs or they are oblivious that I haven't added them and have taken me off x__x It's really annoying me. I mean, REALLY. Ok, I'm odd. I just get bugged by the stupidest stuff! XD

Anyways, I best be off. I have a half-done math homework, and a Physical Science test to study for! :x

And my mom said "I don't think I should let you go to Brenda's youth group because of this detention!" I said "MOM!?!?! WHAT THE CRAP? I've been over this before! And don't you think it's a little odd that I've only gotten teacher detentions in THAT class?" Seriously, I got a teacher detention in Math once for not having a covered book. That's it. Spawn of Hitler, you're eeeevil. >___
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Gotta do this fast!

I gotta type this fast x_x I'll explain.

I got ANOTHER teacher detention with Evil Nazi German! It's for "not having goggles on during experiment" WTH??!? THAT IS SO MESSED UP! Ok, Friday we were doing experiment things in lab, and we were supposed to wear goggles when we were putting pennies in toxic stuff, and I was GOING TO PUT MINE ON when it was my turn to put my penny in the toxic stuff, and I was standing next to Brenda when she was doing her experiment, and she WASN'T wearing goggles, so I can understand why SHE got a detention. But I got one because I wasn't wearing mine, BUT I WASN'T USING THE TOXIC STUFF YET! x___x I HATE YOU EVIL NAZI GERMAN! >_______________<

*cough* So ya, I'm grounded from TV and Computer today. So I'll be writing letters and playing video games tonight X3

I sent Sarah and Holly's letter today, and I'm going to send Minty's tomorrow, and hopefully another one for Sarah tomorrow XD
I have SO many letters to catch up on @_@ BUT NEVER FEAR! I'll get everyone's letter sent by the end of the week!

All-right-tea, I better get off before I get in trouble XD

OH YA! It FINALLY FEELS LIKS SPRING OUTSIDE! n______n I LOVE SPRING!jfkdlsjflsdjflskjf;skdfl Summer's the best, but still, spring rocks! x3
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Ok, all better XD

Sorry I was all in stupid mode last night. I just had to get that out. I'm fine now XD

Anyways, my mom claims that she doesn't mind if my grades aren't that good because of the play. CLAIMS. But who knows x_x I have to work my butt off studying for the stupid math and Physical Science test coming up >___<

I got the Hamtaro game! WHOO! It's fun and easy! But yet... I'm stuck XD I need to find an online hints and cheats place!

And my grandma sent me buttloads of stationary stuff in the mail! *__* I got two packs of stationary, two packs of stickers, and a pad of paper! And it's all Puchi Puchi Wanko and Baby Cinnamon! ^____^
Too bad I have to catch up with about a million letters o___O


Great. Well, this week is the last week to turn stuff in/bring grades up. This really sucks. The teachers always say that the third quarter is when students do the worst. That's really true. I'm doing really bad in math (we had a quiz, I didn't get mine back yet, but some people did and they said that Miss Staufer said that most of the people did bad. Which most likely includes yours truly x_x), Physical Science (I haven't gotten any good grades on my tests, and I've been getting alot of C's on my homework), or Spanish (I do my homework and stuff, and I did good on a test [not sure about the one we just took though], but I did bad on a few quizzes). This is bad, because my mom thinks I'm a perfect, Straight-A student. I'm not. Just because I got really good grades when I was in elementary, and I got good grades because the classes were easy, DOES NOT mean that I'm an A student! >____<

I wish my mom wouldn't put so much stress on me. Seriously. It's ridiculous. I lie down on my bed and CRY if I don't do really good because she puts so much stress on me. And she even admits that she didn't do the best when she was in High School. SO WHY DOES SHE TAKE IT OUT ON ME?

I'm tired of the computer. I'm tired of always being on it. I don't even DO anything on it, just update this and have pretty much stupid and meaningless conversations with people (no offense to anyone, sometimes it's fun). I mean, Iguess it wouldn't be as bad if I had a site, where I was doing something (I mean a site that's open and I regularly update) But I don't. Lately, it's been impossible for me to have a site and keep it open -_- and I'm constantly looking for pictures for new icons, but I never find any.

*sigh* Sorry, I had to get that out.

I have a World History test tomorrow, which isn't good because I forgot to take home my notes. My mom says she doesn't mind if I do bad, which is just SCREAMING "lie" because she DOES care about my grades. I hate that about her.

I also have a[nother] teacher detention with Evil Nazi German. Because I didn't turn in homework. Which I never got the worksheets for anyways. My mom will be mad about that too.

Ok, I'm done. Just had to let that out.

If I'm not online for a while it's either because I'm grounded or I'm trying to cut back on the time I'm online. Oh well, no one will read this anyways.

Oh ya, I'm taking off everyone on my friends list who doesn't even bother to talk to me. I'll make a few exceptions, but if you don't talk to me, or IM me, or if you're not someone I send letters to, say bye.
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All Done! ;__;

Welp, the play's over ;__; I'm so sad now. I mean, we worked so hard, for what? Three nights? -___- I mean, I'm VERY glad I did the play, and I met some AWESOME people. But I just keep thinking "Oh, it's not over. There's more! There HAS to be more!" But there isn't... I'm glad it's over so I have more free time, but I'm sad too. I mean, I won't go in to depression or anything XD But ya, it's just like "Hey! It's.. over! O_o"

Anyways, today we went to a "private" party at this place called InPlay. It's like a huge arcade/restraunt/fun.. place. I had fun :D I played DDR! Wow! I suck! XD I told my mom I want to get the DDR for your house (at mat and a game) for my birthday :D I also want that new Zelda game! It looks SO cute! n__n

The play went good, Miss A said we did the best tonight :D YAY! My mom and Dad, my mom's friend and his parents, and Lauren (my neighbour) were in the front row! XD And Brenda and Carolyn came too! My mom gave me flowers ^_^ and after the play I signed autographs for people, and took Lauren, Carolyn, and Brenda on a tour of the backstage/offstage. Wow, they should feel SPECIAL :3 And afterwards, we took down risers and chairs and all that good stuff. Whooo! And since it was Cassie's birthday, she brought cake and we had pizza :D And then we went in the gym and slid down the stairs on mats! ^_^

I'm just going to be sad that alot of the cool seniors won't be there next year, like Rachel. She's SO nice and she's such a sweet heart! I think she goes to my church though, so that's cool.

Well, better go. I'll be on IM, I want to make new icons T___T
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Today was such a good day (not school wise though).

I took my digital camera to school! I still need to take more pictures, but I'll put some up hopefully this weekened! I left the stupid camera in a class twice x__x I'm such a dumb arse.

And we had the play again today! I love it so much! I'm going to be SO sad when it's over ;__; I complained alot in the beginning, but I'm so sad now! My parents talked to Miss A afterwords, and she told them some play.. places I should try! WHOOOO!!

After the play, Alyssa Weaver came up to me and was like "Wow Lauren! You did such a good job! Next year, me and Abby are trying out for the play!" I laugh at you, Alyssa. She's SO OVER dramatic, and Abby.. well.. err... NEXT SUBJECT!

Me, Sarah, Michelle, Morgan, and Ashley went to Olive Garden afterwords. FUN! :3 We ordered calamari! I thought it was going to be disgusting, but I actually liked it :D And then by the time everyone else left, my dad JUST left to pick me up x___X STUPID DAD! So I talked to this guy who was cleaning the windows. He was cool, he knew this slut girl that goes to my school.

And I got Minty's package and Kayla's super toast drawings in the mail today! XD Awesome! *hugs*
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Tonight was the play! (so is tomorrow and Saturday night.. besides the point) YES! I did really good! BWAH! *cough* Sorry! I wasn't scared at all! YAAAAAY! *cough* Sorry ^___^ I'm just muy happy!!

Haha, my brother gave me a pin that says "Soy Amada" (I am Loved in espanol) XD Awesome.

Anyways, nothing good happened at school. Oh well!

OH YA! I'm having my dad send me a crapload of pictures, and I'll have my mom send me some pictures of the play, AND I'm taking my dad's digital camera to school tomorrow, SO THIS WEEKEND WILL BE MAJOR PICTURE WEEKEND! *hopefully* Because you all want to see my scary face and my boring life XD
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Because I'm bored :3

stolen from poetickitty

I ____ Lauruu.
Lauruu is ____.
Lauruu thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of _________, I think of Lauruu.
I think Lauruu should _____.
Lauruu needs ______.
I want to ____________ Lauruu.
Lauruu has a lot of ______.
The worst thing about Lauruu is ______.
The best thing about Lauruu is ______.
Lauruu can't seem to _____.
I _____ Lauruu's Style. (haha, I have no style)
I love Lauruu's _____.
If I could describe Lauruu in a word, it would be _______.
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